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12. Huaraz to Medellín Colombia, The End

According to this website, I have been stuck in Huaraz Peru for about 10 months now. Although there have been moments when I wish I was – I actually ended up moving on from Huaraz and have since made my … Continue reading

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11. Cusco to Huaraz

…posted about a week later than planned… Riding out of Cusco, I was once again back with Nedo who I started this bike trip with. After cycling on my own for awhile, it was nice to have someone along side … Continue reading

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10. Sucre to Cusco

Never a boring moment in South America, that’s for sure. Once I started to get my bike mechanical issues and even unmarked dirt road navigation under control – I was given a brand new set of elements to deal with. … Continue reading

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Greetings from Cusco, Peru

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9. Antofagasta to Sucre

Moving away from both Antofagasta and the Pacific Ocean, I slowly traversed through the Atacama desert and into higher the elevations of the Bolivian Altiplano (high plains). Although the days would stay sunny and warm, with the gradual elevation increase, … Continue reading

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8. Pichilemu to Antofagasta

The last few weeks I have moved relatively quickly up the coastline of Chile. The road has brought me both very close to the water´s edge and far enough inland to forget an ocean actually exists in this world. There … Continue reading

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7. Puerto Montt to Pichilemu

After meeting up with my much anticipated visitors Andy and Stevie, the three gringos from old Colorado glory days were reunited. With my bike now back in fully working condition, we said goodbye to Puerto Montt (not a second too … Continue reading

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6. Coyhaique to Puerto Montt (Carretera Austral Part 2)

It is said that an adventure only starts when everything goes wrong. I have heard that quote from so many sources in different variations that I almost feel bad using it here. Almost With that definition in mind, at certain … Continue reading

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5. El Calafate to Coyhaique (Carretera Austral Part 1)

It turns out I lied. I´m now in the town of Coyhaique halfway through the Carretera Austral and decided it was a good time for a rest. Speaking in relative terms for the region, this is a full fledged city … Continue reading

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4. From Porvenir to El Calafate (Back in Argentina)

With the 2 1/2 hour ferry ride across the Strait of Magellan, I am now officially off the island of Tierra del Fuego. Despite what might first come to mind, Tierra del Fuego (translated to Land of Fire) does not … Continue reading

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3. Tierra del Fuego to Mainland SA

Just like any kind of homework, it seems like the hardest part was just getting started. Once I actually got on the road, all my nervousness and doubts went away pretty quick. That doesn’t mean that the trip has gone … Continue reading

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2. JFK to Ushuaia, el fin del mundo…

The trip has gotten off to a great start. After being helped out by a nice girl at JFK´s Delta desk who proceeded to give me better seats after telling her about my plans, I think she was worried about my upcoming sore butt on a … Continue reading

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1. Pre-Trip

The hours and minutes until I board a plane for South America are draining quick. After two weeks of running around Upstate New York to gather all the last second items and organize everything – I’m basically set to go … Continue reading

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